honeymoon plans… !!

Hello everyone!!! So, today we made the big decision about where to spend our honeymoon! Ready… it’s….

Mallorca, Spain!

mallorcaIt’s a beautiful island in the Mediterranean, and of course they speak the most beautiful language in the world. 🙂 We were so suprised to find out how cheap the flights are, and we can actually fly right there from Columbus (with a stop in Madrid, I believe…even cooler!) So we are going to take this weekend to decide which hotel we’re going to stay in and then make the official booking next week. Here are the hotels we are deciding between…if you feel inclined, leave your vote as a comment!! 🙂

1. Hotel Hotasa Beverly Playa:


2.  The Nixe place…i love night pictures of the beach!


3.  My personal favorite 😉 the Grand Oasis:


So let us know what you think, and we’ll update you all when the verdict comes in!!

Also, as an aside, Aaron has developed a strange craving this week for cottage cheese, which he has taken to start eating at all hours of the day. If you happen to see him or talk to him, please mention the benefits of teeth-brushing. I’d be very indebted.

🙂 jus’ keeeeeeding



One response to “honeymoon plans… !!

  1. The grand Oasis HANDS DOWN

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