Happy almost-August, wedding enthusiasts! Aaron and I are planning away… only 58 days until I am the luckiest girl alive and we start our life together! We are amazed every day at how God is blessing us; in opportunities, financial provisions, and our friendship together! How lucky we are.

This week, the main wedding task is… a toasting wine!


There is an adorable place right near my home, called “It’s Your Winery” on Copley Road. You get to go, taste all kinds of wines, pick your favorite and make your own batch! Then it ferments for six weeks, and you go back and bottle it. You can pick your own bottle label – adorable! And voila – it’s yours! Such a cute idea!

So Aar and I decided we should make a bottle of sparkling wine to have at each table at the reception, for everyone to pour their own glass when it’s time for our toasts. Since he’s out in Arizona working working working (it’s hot out there, friends! I just got back from a visit…so beautiful!), my mom, sister and I are going to make the wine this Friday. It should be a blast!

So, what’s the vote – white or red? 🙂



One response to “Cheers!

  1. I would say red, preferably sweet but that’s just details 🙂

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